Where are you?

On falling in love


Where are you, O gentle one
of whom I’ve dreamt a million times
Where are you, O mountain of love
for whom my heart promptly climbs

Where are you, O beautiful soul
without whom I feel nothing anymore
Where are, oh… those ocean eyes
that made me wonder if my reality was a reality or just a lie

Where is that place where we first met
and which house was that where we kissed for eternity and then slept
Where are those arms that once engulfed me with life
filled me up with endless hope and made me wish for a wife

Where is the face that always smiled
and those lips that forever shined
Where is the lap that I found comfier than a zillion pillows
and those long hairs with such mystical billows

I often find myself asking these questions now, but it’s too late
I regrettably wish I wouldn’t have been so naive
to have believed you’d still be there after we slept
Only to wake up and realise my world had left.


Note: This is my third attempt at poetry. Hope you like. Your comments and feedback that may improve my poetry are always most welcome and highly appreciated.

© Avinash Kumar. All rights reserved.

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