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It was at the end of our 2020 edition that the moment that defines SaaSBOOMi for me happened. This was before the pandemic, remember, and all of us were actually there, in person — founders, volunteers, everyone.

It was around 5 pm, and the evening breezes from the sea were just starting to arrive when Girish Mathrubootham took the stage

He started to talk about how all constraints that we have in the ecosystem are internal. Girish is a wonderful storyteller, and he had the audience spellbound with his experiences of building Freshworks. …

Meet the Batch 2 graduates of Rebound, Accel’s program for entrepreneurs who are starting up again, and apply to be part of Batch 3.

“Love the mission behind Rebound. Second time founders are a rare lot. The quality of interactions is much deeper and there is a lot more cross learning that happens. The sessions were very structured and the team at Accel is easily one of the most humble and approachable VC teams in India,” said Anand Sinha, Co-founder of

Incisive discussions, a framework to learn and unlearn, unmatched peer learning, a support system — these are just…

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You get this when you hit Inbox Zero

As the world reconciles itself to a post-pandemic working environment, one of the things that I guess many of us are doing a lot more of is evaluating new products that can help us negotiate this “new normal” better.

It was during one such search that I found an application that completely fascinated me. This application was interesting not simply because of the way the product was crafted but also in terms of the way it was brought to market.

Say hello to “Superhuman”.

The origin story of India’s biggest virtual SaaS Growth/Marketing Conference

At one of the tea breaks of the Bangalore edition of SaaSBOOMi Enterprise. I bumped into Vivek of iZooto, and he started complaining. Nor did he mince any words. “Boss! Why does everything happen only in Bangalore? Why is nothing happening in Delhi?” I said, “Boss! You know, I am just a facilitator. If you tell me to do it in Delhi, we’ll do it. But you have to get the audience, you have to get the core team organized. Then we can do it.”

He immediately said, “I know many founders in Delhi. Let’s create a group now!” Vivek…

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

This quote ascribed to Abraham Lincoln pretty much encapsulates the age-old wisdom that rigorous preparation is the differentiator with a successful endeavor.

While preparedness is not a sure shot formula for success, ask any marquee founder and you’ll be told how preparation helps a start-up avoid lethal mistakes and mitigate risks.

That’s the thinking behind a 10-week program for founders that Accel is launching.

Welcome to Founder Stack!

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How India-rooted SaaS companies have a trillion-dollar opportunity to service global businesses

By Sairam Krishnan & Avinash Raghava

The current state of India’s services and software industry is on thin ice. Business has slowed as the nature of their clients, and the way they do business, has been changing at a rapid pace. This means there will be an impact on the fortunes of and jobs in the IT services industry — and, indeed, the broader economy. We are already seeing this play out around us.

But there may be a sliver of light among these clouds, one that has the potential to become especially bright. Before we get to that, though…

In my early conversations with my colleague and Partner Dinesh Katiyar at Accel, I figured that he was keen to meet second and third-time founders. Himself a veteran of four startups, he knew the benefit of experience with founders attempting their second startup. He wanted to help them in their missions. Could we do some dinner meetings with the, he asked.

Unrelatedly, a couple of months back, I read a tweet by Shekhar Kirani, also an Accel Partner. It was on how second-time founders understood market size issues better and how they were careful choosing co-founders or building initial teams.

On a recent weekend, I was on my usual Bangalore — Delhi sojourn when I realised had some time to kill. I walked into the airport book shop on a whim, and picked up this little book with a pretty blue cover.

It was called Ikigai, and it purported to teach me the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. I’m usually sceptical about such books, but something about this one made me get it. …

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The home to Asia’s SaaS Founders is back for the second year, and how.

We’re back again for the second edition of the #SaaSBooMi conference, scheduled for the 24th and 25th of January in Chennai. Last year, our first edition witnessed over 350 SaaS founders coming together to learn from Asia’s SaaS Leaders, who believe in the power of paying it forward, and generously shared their playbooks with the up-and-coming founders and VPs. And next year, it’s going to be no different, if not better.

The VC firm has nearly a dozen startups founded by its team members

I joined Accel in India over two years ago. In my time at the venture capital firm, I have seen employees come and go, but not for the reasons you would find in a typical workplace. While chatting recently with Jeetendra Gangele, a colleague until June this year and getting ready to kickstart his startup journey, it struck me that several others before him had decided to turn entrepreneurs.

A quick tally showed me that 90% of those who chose to step away from Accel ended up starting their own companies, emulating the founders they’d spent their time at Accel…

Avinash Raghava

Community Platform Evangelist @ Accel_India. Enthusiast @SaaSBOOMi, Eco-system Builder & Connector. Co-Founded @iSPIRT(@Product_Nation), @NASSCOM over 10 yrs…

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