Get Ready For a Thrilling Journey in Ethiopia

If you are looking for information on Ethiopian vacation, then you have landed on the right page. Ethiopia is undoubtedly one of the humble countries of Africa. It’s one of the most populated countries, rich in culture, history and is the oldest self-governing nation of the continent. Measured as Africa’s tenth richest nation, Ethiopia prides itself for its medieval world engraved stones in Lalibela and remarkable landscapes.

The capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, which is the third highest capital in the world holds some great places to visit. Moreover, Ethiopia’s landscapes with the significant range of mountains assures a challenging trek through the hills and mountains. Also, vacationing in Ethiopia will allow you to participate in several attractive Christian ceremonies and festivals.

Top tour operators in Ethiopia provide these below mentioned adventurous activities. So, next time you are in Ethiopia, don’t forget to include these in your itinerary.

Trekking in Ethiopia is a very popular activity that tourist love to take. In Bale parks, trips could be arranged to meet your individual need. The beautiful regions for trekking are the Bale Mountains and the Simien mountains, which is truly unforgettable.

Festival tours:
Ethiopia has a number of festivals throughout the year. Meskel is one the important festivals which you should never miss. It provides colourful ceremonies and celebrations.

White water rafting is an extremely renowned activity enjoyed the most in Ethiopia. In fact, Ethiopia’s rivers have played a crucial part in the globalization of sport, adventure and ecotourism.

Mountain climbing:
Sanctified with a moderate weather, grand mountain surrounding and custom of generous warmth, the Ethiopian highlands provide excellent opportunities for mountain climbing and trekking.

If you are a true adventure loving people, then you can’t ignore the wildlife of Ethiopia. Protecting nation’s fauna and flora, there are several wildlife reserves and parks which tourist can visit. There’re lions, zebras, giraffes and several other animals that wander the wilds of Africa, catch them in action if you may!

Ethiopia is a country with exciting offers as a tourist destination, categorized as natural attractions, cultural attractions and historical attractions. So don’t be late, avail the best tour packages by consulting with reliable tour operators.

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