Game Of Deaths

We all know, well whoever is an ardent follower or even heard of George R.R Martin, knows what I am talking about. *No spoilers revealed*

It seems that ‘Mother’s Mercy’ didn’t show any mercy after all and has raised a furore even more than it did during the ‘Red Wedding’ and I think it has achieved its underlying purpose of getting everyone eagerly hooked onto it and having nearly 8.1 million views. The characters in the ‘Game’ may have witnessed gushing blood, breaking bones, oozing vitals from the body and other violent spectacle but I have seen the equivalent. I have witnessed coke cans being crushed, fries aloft in the air, flying pizzas, flight of spit, nerve racking shrill cries, oozing cotton foam from the cushions which seemed as if a typhoon would have caused lesser destruction.

This got me thinking, why is this ‘Game’ so popular after all and draws admiration from everyone around. Is it because of the dangerous, brilliant mind behind the plot, or the not so subtle display of the how the human body looks like (pun intended), the enrapturing plot, the visuals/VFX, the politics or the gruesome deaths and you’d think by pointing all these out I might have the answers but no. Turns out I’m one of the admirers too.

As is pointed out in the psychobabble which almost no one ever cares to read (including me — is better to make your analysis, isn’t it?) that human mind works in strange ways. If not for that fact, psychology wouldn’t have existed in the first place. We have always been drawn naturally towards coupling (thank you Adam & Eve for the valuable lessons), war, politics, deceit and of course including the beautiful aspect of love (girls please don’t cry at the very mention of the it, it’s not Twilight!), affluence, power, respect and out of the world (or maybe not) magic. Thus, who wouldn’t love a story involving all of the above.

Hats off to the creator! You have earned our respect and our wrath, Sir George R.R Martin. Valar Morghulis to you too!