Today, I was attending a debate and my opponent stated “Anything that violates the law is not moral and non justifiable”. But after all in today’s world is there any law? No. Not at all. Want me to prove it. Fine. In the late 1900’s in America especially Texas and some other places in the world - Negroes(dark coloured) were lynched which refers to an extrajudicial prejudice by the Whites on the dark coloured. My friend’s grandfather, being a very historic person witnessed one of these ongoing act of prejudice. He was driving down Texas when he saw a White mob tearing apart the flesh of a Negro and throwing his body parts into fire. Was that person a thief, a murderer or just another simple man who was waiting to see the joy on his wife and children’s face but was separated from the others because he was just DARK SKINNED. And believe me these practices are still very much alive today too. Not only in a few countries but every country till today discriminates between dark and white skinned, rich and poor, religion. At many places the lower castes are not allowed to eat even if they can afford the meal, the Whites still prefer not to use the same rest rooms, hospitals, toilets as the dark skinned. The blacks are refused admission to theatres, restaurants,malls and then people as selfish and filled with prejudice as myself and yourself claim anyone who violates the law is a wrong doer. Well, then listen there is no PROPER LAW. Nowhere. Not here. Not anywhere. I quote" An unjust law is no law at all." And then these victims of pure prejudice then either react with violence or civil disobedience and you should pray it is the latter for the first means end of our world.