Carmageddon is Coming
Angus Hervey

From pesero minibuses in Mexico City to shared black cabs in Dublin, the rest of the world, where thrift matters, has already come up with solutions to the evils of car culture. We don’t need more tech to be able to make the case against cars.

It reminds me of the anecdote that Annie Leonard from #StoryOfStuff tells of how after every presentation someone will come up to her and ask her what they can buy to help make these changes. The idea is less stuff, not more. Likewise, the idea is less cars, not just different cars. And the way to get rid of most of the cars is to get rid of most of the cars.

Design / city planning for people rather than cars happens when people promote design for people. It doesn’t need to wait for the tech sector. The economics are already there, and the economics are only a fraction of the appeal.

Here’s a cheery short video about a mid-size city that has things going already, today, not waiting for the conceptual drawing at the top of this article but living it right now: