Am I Still a Conservative?
Jay W. Cobb

I appreciate that you stand up for distinguishing conservatism from both libertarians and Trumpians. I hope it doesn’t generate too much “See! It proves that what the Left says about those wackos is true, because one of their own is admitting it!” in the same way that so many liberal critics of leftist radicals have attracted many right-wing commentators saying the equivalent, “See, those people are all nascent Stalinists, one of their own says so!”

You get to the heart of conservatism when you insist on the fallen-and-can’t-get-up view of human nature. Combining individual frailties by institutionalizing them is seen as a force multiplier by conservatives, rather than a mitigator. It shows the real distinction between conservatives and liberals — one thinks there’s not much you can do about human nature, and the other hopes that they’re wrong about that.