SJWism, Emotion, Free Speech and Violence
Keri Smith

Keri, please note how your posts are attracting attention from the wrong kinds of people and for the wrong kinds of reasons — angry Cult45 wackos will use your disenchantment as grist for their hateful mill.

You can partially inoculate your posts from that infection by adding some kind of ‘this applies across the political spectrum / right-wing authoritarianism is even more destructive than left-wing authoritarianism’ concession to each post, maybe more than once per post.

Now my comment regarding content and outlook: the fundamental attribution error as outlined by social psychology, basically that people tend to blame temperament or character for things they don’t like when the causes of what they don’t like are more often situational or systemic, is applied not only to others too often, but also to ourselves. No one is immune to being whitewashed by character assasination.

Consider that in the piece you cited as inspiring your post the author takes as a given that even though a few particular men she knows are okay, ‘men’ as a category are irredeemably fallen. Something is fundamentally wrong with them, she just knows it. Imagine asking her to apply similar yardsticks to particular women and to ‘women’ as a category: would it make any sense to say that specific women are okay (or not okay) but that ‘women’ as a category are basically virtuous? Or are ‘women’ also irredeemably fallen? The fundamental attribution error is made in all directions. Not excluding internally.