Identity Politics Has Failed Us
Morgan Visser

“We need to abolish capitalism, not diversify who can be the capitalist oppressor.”

I’m reading your posts out of order, sorry! This one is helpful in understanding your longer item about how not voting for Hillary is what you think is the right thing to do. -

You don’t want to help Trump win, you want a radical change in the system, and Clinton is not a radical change in the system, she’s more of the same. OK. That I can follow. But I think you should be clearer on calling for revolution rather than making it look like you really don’t see any big enough difference between the two candidates to justify voting for one over the other.

The heart attack vs. lung cancer comparison has a solution, you know. If you love your loved ones and care about the work you do, you pick lung cancer. You might choose to overdose on your pain meds at some point farther along, but in the meanwhile, if those are your options, the heart attack is the more selfish and short-sighted choice.

A dilemma is a choice between two alternatives where neither one is desirable. Working toward revolution is admirable, but meanwhile you shouldn’t make liberals feel worse than they already do about making their decisions.

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