In this article, we are going to glance at all the activities taking place within The Bagels Finance Community.

Bagels Finance
Bagels Finance

In our recent article, we had explored everything about Bagel's finance, which included its core features, ideologies, and future activities. And we understood the potentiality it carries and is well aware of the challenges and problems it aims to tackle. For those of you who have not been following the Bagels finance, here’s a recap.

Bagels Finance is considered the first cross-chain leveraged yield farming aggregation protocol that is based on HECO/BSC/ETH Networks. Its primary aim is to provide users with…

In This article, we are going to explore all the activities happening inside the Tribeone Community.


We are well aware of Tribeone and its Decentralized NFT Platform. We have also seen its quite unique features that play the core role in the development of the project, Now let us have a look at its developmental activities.

Tribeone has been quite busy under the hood, making several strategic partnerships including IDO announcements for its native token called $HAKA, before we look into these partnerships.

Let’s take a recap about $HAKA,

$HAKA is Tribeone’s native token, Users who hold $HAKA are eligible to enjoy a lot of benefits…

Skyrim Finance aims to develop the De-Fi Ecosystem by building an Robo-Advisor.
Skyrim Finance aims to develop the De-Fi Ecosystem by building an Robo-Advisor.
Avisa Ventures & Skyrim Strategic Partnership

Avisa Ventures is delighted to announce our “Strategic Partnership” with Skyrim Finance, a Multichain Protocol focusing on Fixed-rate and Leveraged-Yield De-Fi Products.

Skyrim Finance aims to develop the De-Fi Ecosystem by building a Robo-Advisor. It aims to fill the gap between various types of investors by acting as a bridge or a synergist, it makes sure its users are less exposed to risk.

Skyrim Finance main objective is to promote risk-adjusted returns by providing Fixed-Rates APY and Higher Leveraged Yield De-Fi Products, its key Products such as “Fixed-Rates Yield Vaults, Leveraged Yield Farming, Auto liquidation tools & Orderbook optimization for…

We at Avisa Ventures Capital, are excited to announce that we have invested in Bagels Finance. Bagels Finance is a Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol that aims to provide Cross-Chain Aggregation as well as 10x leveraged yield farming to accommodate the highest APY return in the De-Fi liquidity farming market.

Bagels finance uses highly strategic methods to interact with multiple DeFi oriented platforms, products, and staking assets for farming. Bagels finance key features such as “Vault Farming, Leveraged Yield Farming, and the Dakodoa cross-chain aggregation & solution” are all set to create a revolution in the DeFi space.

Once this is…

Avisa Ventures Capital, Takes pride to announce that we have invested in The APIS, Which is a developer-friendly platform that is proclaimed to serve as a turn-key solution for indexing and read/write operations for the public blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The beneficial part about this is that it is Open-sourced and developers will have all the privilege to create API packages that serve every category of blockchain applications ranging from DeFi to Oracle to File Storage.

Difficulties While Building a DApp

The most common problems faced by users with little or no knowledge of blockchain while creating a DApp are

  1. Complicated Nodes
  2. Expensive…


If you have an NFTs lying around somewhere idle, you might want to have a look at NiftyPays. NiftyPays has the power to transform your Nifties as an indemnity, be it for a set timeline or indefinitely. The same can be utilized to earn brownie points from various projects that are exclusively listed on the NiftyPays service platform.

Welcome to NiftyPays. More than being a revolutionary, we are betting hard it is even more than a concept. NiftyPays is simply put — “A strategic brainstorm, to increase the value of Nifty Holders over time”. …

Fantasy sports have been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years, a recent survey that was conducted worldwide gave an insight that millions of youths have hooked themselves into fantasy sports and virtual gaming.


As we know, The Gaming ecosystem consists of numerous activities and events such as betting, fantasy sports, Virtual gaming, etc. A gamer always looks for a platform that is safe, secure, and has all the prominent features currently in the market today.

Most of the fantasy sports or virtual gaming platforms misuse user’s information, make false daily volumes, frame dummy winners with almost…

iMe Smart Platform

Months ago, we saw a lot of users migrate from Whatsapp Messenger to Telegram and other Messaging platform. Due to the aftermath of whatsapp changing its privacy policy users weren’t feeling safe about their private messages as well as files which made them take this step.

Have you been affected by this recently? Are you one of those users who are currently on telegram and wished you could customise & store some cryptocurrencies in it? What if I told you that you could really store cryptocurrencies and have your telegram app modified?

Have a look at iMe Messenger & Crypto…

NFT’s were always considered unique even before the recent surge in their demand and utilization, it was just not brought to light.


Following the events of its recent surge, NFT’s are now being considered as an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem, it has been gaining the attention of not only the common people but also of the highly established companies who have now started taking interest in NFT’s.

Have you ever considered being a part of a decentralized Bank powered by artificial intelligence, which would serve as an “NFT Platform, Savings Platform, Lending Platform, Borrowing Platform & Credit Risk…


Unlike the old-fashioned Fiat Currencies, Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies are volatile enough that their price may see some aggressive fluctuations at times. Not Knowing the correct time to sell or buy these cryptocurrencies is still considered a tough task today.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a platform that decides when to buy or when to sell and automatically initiates it?

Take a glance at My TeraBlock! Machine Learning has driven, personalized automated cryptocurrency portfolio, which is capable to initiate automatic trades and manage your digital assets easily.

About My TeraBlock

My TeraBlock is a Machine Learning driven, personalized automated cryptocurrency…

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