PoBitcoin’s Exclusive “Portal” Into De-Fi (Decentralized Finance)

Everything we know about, Decentralized Financing, NFT’s, Decentralized Gaming, etc. came into existence just because of an anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto and his vision, to propel all possible interactive web activities into a decentralized environment.

Blockchain and Bitcoin were the byproducts that Satoshi foresaw and predicted would change the future of every web activity into a decentralized and safe environment. Initially being neglected by many individuals, Bitcoin surfaced to a position where it made headlines and inspired many into exploring the possibilities that blockchain could provide.

Today, we have a wide range of blockchains, thousands of cryptocurrencies and millions of enthusiastic souls forking and carving the best out of these technologies, looking at the wide adaption today we can say that Satoshi Nakamoto has succeeded with his vision about blockchain and bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the pioneer to decentralization currently, dominates the market by representing 40% of the entire market cap alone. Yet it remains completely neglected by aspiring developers, who are only interested in developing and forking other variants of cryptocurrencies best suiting their aim into creating blockchain utilities based on De-Fi.

Bitcoin, the pioneer, the cryptocurrency that made all the other cryptocurrencies possible is 100% fit to every known utility available today, be it NFT’s, or De-Fi, Bitcoin works like a charm. You might be thinking, if bitcoin was built suitable for everything, why aren’t there many platforms based on bitcoin?

Well, here’s an explanation in a short way “Bitcoin is suitable for De-Fi utilities but it’s a way too complicated for beginners to introduce it into their De-Fi products, for example, if you wanted to utilize Bitcoin within a De-Fi product you will have to wrap or lock it and use that wrapped equivalent on other L1 Chains such as Ethereum, Solana, & Polygon”.

To loosen up all the complicated aspects of utilizing Bitcoin within the De-Fi ecosystem, Portal has come up with a technical solution making it easier to include Bitcoin as the core, fueling De-Fi.

Portal Defi is a decentralized financial platform with a primary aim to extract the best out of Bitcoin’s layer 2, and to provide its users with a complete, uncensored, peer-to-peer, Trust minimized De-Fi Experience. Portal can be regarded as a cross-chain DEX and Wallet on Bitcoin to make atomic swaps between Bitcoin and other digital assets fast, secure and private.

Portal aims to develop the concept of self-sovereignty within the current De-Fi Ecosystem by which the users are the only ones in control of their assets and will not have to depend on third parties while making any atomic swaps or transactions.

To achieve such technicalities, Portals utilizes its core technology called “Portal Swap Protocol” and integrates with fabric to provide a seamless, safe, secure, and self-sovereignty experience for its users.

Technical Aspects about Portal De-Fi

Here are a few Technicalities that Portal foresees to solve during its journey on making bitcoin completely adaptable for De-Fi utilization.

1. Clubbing together the best of Bitcoin and Layer 2

Portals' primary aim is to extract the best out of Bitcoin’s and layer 2, to provide its users with a complete, uncensored, peer-to-peer, Trust minimized De-Fi Experience.

Portal also ensures, Fairness and Facilitation, by limiting trust-minimization, This makes the portal a complete market ensuring free options to its traders, by providing them the privilege of self-sovereign.

Portal is designed in such a way that its swap protocol would be capable of executing cross-chain contracts to layer 2 and layer 3 enabling speed and high liquidity experienced within centralized platforms but with minimization of “Guarantees” of Bitcoin.

2. Replacing Outdated Web Server model

Portal’s primary mission is to effectively replace the traditional outdated web server model and to achieve this portal has integrated with fabric, an open-source toolbox that is utilized for deploying censorship-resistant layers on top of Bitcoin. The fabric brings bitcoin’s powerful smart contracts to their full potential.

Advantages of Fabric

Censorship-Resistant Layers on Bitcoin: Fabric makes it easier for platforms to construct censorship-resistant applications over bitcoin by enabling new systems to easily inherit advanced security, censorship-resistant, and thermodynamic securities of the bitcoin blockchain.

Self-Sovereign assets: Utilising portals users can deploy and execute smart contracts without the need of a third party as fabric enables ad-hoc. Which enables off-chain private and complete execution of smart contracts including asset issuance, swap, lending, borrowing, staking, liquidity, and derivatives.

Cross-chain Interoperability: Applications built over fabric are interoperable as it enables rapid integration between fabric-speaking applications. Users would have the privilege to enjoy the speed and liquidity of a centralized alternative with a trust minimization guarantee of bitcoin.

Portal and Fabric together would allow individual users/developers to deploy complex applications for blinded execution by a network of peers.

3. Crafting a Decentralized Future for and with Bitcoin

Considering the fact, the world's majority of De-Fi services are preplanned to launch with Ethereum and other L1 Chains like Solana and polygon, it’s worth nothing to consider bitcoin as the pioneer, the world’s greatest and secure network.

Portal is doing a great job awakening the hidden aspect with Bitcoin’s secure layers and it seems that industry analysts have also taken into consideration that building De-Fi services on Layer 2 and Layer 3 would help and empower a “Truly Permissionless, Un-censorable and Trust minimization Protocol”.

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avisaventures.com - We Explore, Connect & Invest With Decentralised Startups.

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