Tldr; its escapes ', &, ", <, >

If anyone is wondering what exactly ruby’sCGI.escape_html escape, here is the list:

You can find this defined here in the code:


Originally Posted On: 08 December 2015

I have been experimenting with a few things during the last six months. Now it’s down to 3 things. Here is what I am upto:

Tracking Freshness

Most of my time is dedicated to building an analytics/reporting platform for Infratab. They track the freshness of perishable…

Originally Posted On: 11 September 2015

Lets start with an anonymous function. Functions are first class citizens in Elixir. They can be bound to a variable and passed around.


Originally Posted On: 16 April 2014

I have been stuck for too long in Bangalore! Vietnam seems a long time ago. After a few failed attempts of going to Europe which led to a few more weeks of frustration towards travel in general, I figured, booking a one way ticket…

Originally Posted On: 22 November 2012

Last weekend, I was back in Bangalore, back at the Write Club attending a Story #Hack competition organized by Campus Dairies. The theme was “Impulse”. Here is my try:


Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items for reasons…

Originally Posted On: 01 July 2012

I always have been a hater of poems and anything Shakespearean. When I heard the next Write-Club meetup is all about poems, I considered skipping it. But I ended up at the meetup and braved myself for a boring session. …

Originally Posted On: 17 June 2012

Yesterday I decided to do something about my craving to write. I went a Write Club Bangalore meetup (More info) I had an awesome time meeting other writers and learning something from them. One of the exercises was to write about 200 words starting…

Originally Posted On: 28 April 2012

While researching places to visit in Chile, I stumbled upon two videos that captured my imagination. One was a video called “A Story of Tomorrow” featuring most of the spectacular spots in Chile from the north to the south. …

Originally Posted On: 14 April 2012

My activity on saturday evenings here in Valparaiso is usually a long walk along the bike track by the sea and listening to live music (surprisingly English songs too!!!) on the old pier.

But today I stay back home watching Gordon’s Great Escape. …

Avinasha Shastry

On and off digital nomad currently somewhere in South East Asia. I code and make videos while I travel with @fatcatshankar. Previously CTO @supportbee

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