Productivity led organizations — Code GSD!

So what do you do to run an organization led by productivity? This question has been boggling people’s minds since years now, especially those who are starting up. Let’s look at some “foundational” criteria of building a productivity led organization from the first moment on.

Problem that acts as the biggest obstacle for inducing productivity in the organizations — 
The slow and steady obsolescence of management positions and dissemination of either self management or adaptation of software/ AI to manage the productivity of people has changed the definition of productivity across organizations. It has more of turned into a psychological conundrum as to who is leading who. Another one is whether to equalize productivity with revenue returns or (value addition focused) production, as in this moment of 21st century both the aspects are very different so thinking they are connected is too 1985 type mentality!

It is not anymore optional to purposefully fall prey to the trivial 9 to 5 mindless grind as the startup funding world is now changing the way entrepreneurs see productivity which enables and encourages flexibility! Investors have started looking out for the productivity in the organizations and people who are running it to ensure the viability of their businesses. This has indeed led the investors to pay for the product rather than the actual customers to some extent.

But then, lets stick to the first principle of any and every profitable business: Making profits out of business models where customers (not investors) pay for the product/ service which is the cornerstone of a progressive and productive organization.

Solution to adapt to for a long time —

Now the profitable business through customers’ payments just boils down to work delivery and getting things done whether to bring revenue or advance the product/ service each day. People of an ideal productive organization always look for how sincere the work delivery is more than the working conditions or anything else. People who love what they do, can work in any imaginable work environment. Their inspiration is not visiting events to listen to “great” people, their inspiration is the continuity of focus and follow the code GSD (Get Shit Done).

Continuity of focus to GSD boils down to three driving forces —

1. Avoid thinking that process is everything and start contributing independently:
Process thinking makes your mind think like a part of the machine while thinking closer and farther in a parallel mode gives an edge to contribute with a free spirit.

2. Self impose targets in the direction of organizational needs & demands:
 Leaders always self impose targets based on the system they are working on. The team expects for individual output, the amount of effort expended, the hours worked, and the appropriate response to requests from demanding customers. This systematic approach to accomplish self imposed targets paves the way to high level productivity.

3. Impact the team culture and follow work synchronization:
When it comes to rewarding for productivity everyone looks over each other for getting the work done completely missing the point that it is a joint effort. The work approach and team culture should be designed to completely synchronize the team with all activities combined so that even if it is decentralized the execution is always robust and people will always remain inspired to help one another.

All the driving forces boil down to personal goals, vision of the organization and philosophy of the organization — 
The fundamental foundation of productivity led organizations can be perceived in the way Bruce Lee puts it: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

The core psychological strategy to defeat the conundrum I have discussed above is exponential thinking while getting shit done. Conventional thinking produces exactly opposite result of exponential thinking, here are the sexiest quotes that explain why:

“Taking a break. Been working solid for the last few hours, as opposed to working liquid, which is more drinkable. Can I pour you a glass of productivity?” — Jarod Klintz

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis Of Assisi

You need to look at productivity as a driving force towards the progress of mankind. Work in the free spirit of everything, you will feel the difference.

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