Entry 2

Today I read an article in The Nation https://t.co/iGDwvfecDD that detailed the dearth of journalism/newsroom jobs and the sadness and anger expressed by former (and currently laid off) veteran journalists. It brought me anxiousness and nervousness as I embark on a journalistic path. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, covering a sports team, interviewing the players and coaches to craft that perfect narrative. I also yearn to be a so-called “cultural critic,” one who comments on all facets of our fascinating American society. Now though, is this career even feasible, or should I truly relish the time I spend covering teams for The Michigan Daily. I don’t know yet. Do I need a “plan B,” as the article explains. I dream of public service, of serving in the senate or even becoming presidents. These occupations prove to be more impossible than working as a successful/prominent journalist. I guess I could just be a lawyer. That seems to be a fallback profession. I just don’t know.

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