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This GIF of day and night on Earth as seen from Space is strangely calming

DMT and the Soul of Prophecy: An Interview with Rick Strassman

Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman was the first scientist to conduct U.S. government-approved and funded human research

What True Learning Is: Louis Agassiz as a Teacher

“When I sat me down before my tin pan, Agassiz brought me a small fish, placing it before me with the rather stern requirement that I…

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Musings on being a perpetual autodidact

Adventures in Retrofuturism

Making your own Menorah is no longer a Pipe Dream!

With the Jewish Diwali aka Hanukkah well nigh upon us, I was looking to provide my 7 year old son Uriel with a maker angle on the…


Birthing a Mother: Surrogacy in Israel

Dr. Elly Teman’s superb ethnography Birthing a Mother is the pioneering inquiry into the intimate experience of gestational surrogate motherhood.

Robert Sapolsky on Stress: An Interview

Robert Sapolsky is a Professor of Biological Sciences and Neurology at Stanford University. He is the author of Why Zebras Don…

Searching for Magic in India and Silicon Valley: An Interview with Daniel Kottke

Daniel Kottke was Apple’s first employee, assembling the company’s earliest kit computers with