How to Keep Your Sales Data Safe

The amount of information relayed by your sales force tracker can be invaluable in tracking the progress of your sales reps, but if you’re a manager who’s in charge of monitoring your reps, you should not neglect the security of sales data gathered by your reps, sales tracker or other sales software. Fortunately, some common sense steps can keep your data from being leaked, hacked or stolen.

Security on Mobile Devices

The small size of USB flash drives makes it easy for them to get lost or misplaced if the user is not careful. That’s why your sales reps should encrypt the data inputted into the drive or place it under the protection of passwords that can’t be easily guessed or broken. In the event the drive is stolen, the data won’t be accessible by an unwanted party. Additionally, make sure your sales data is only inputted into authorized mobile devices. Don’t have your staff collect data on their own personal media, as an employee’s personal device may not have the proper security measures.

Improve Passwords

Problems can also arise from passwords that are bad, weak, or so commonly used that they are easily guessed or shared too widely. Mobile devices, computer stations and the network of your company are all at risk. When accessing sensitive data, make sure the password is complex, can’t be easily guessed, and is not commonly used throughout your business. Also, change your passwords on a regular basis. As you dismiss employees, your former workers might still recall your passwords and could use them to access data gathered by your sales force tracker. Make sure to alter your passwords after employee dismissals.

Uniform Security Standards

It’s also important to keep all your employees and sales reps on the same page. Create a uniform security standard for your company computers and fashion specific procedures for handling sales data. Also inform your employees on actions that could lead to security breaches, such as leaving their computer workstations for extended periods of time, putting sensitive information on their personal laptops, or sharing passwords with unauthorized personnel. Human mistakes can put company data at risk, so as a company leader, do your part to raise security awareness, especially for staff members who handle data on a sales tracker.

Data provided by your sales force tracker should be for the use of your company only. Do all you can to keep your data from the wrong hands with standard security procedures, tight control over where your data is stored, and informing your employees thoroughly on security procedures.