Intentional Relationships

Time and again people wonder why they begin a romantic relationship filled with a sense of complete and total satisfaction yet several years ( or even several months ) later question how they entered such an unfulfilling situation and are plagued with annoyances about their partner. So many of these feelings relate to the absence of a key component of relationship satisfaction called intentionality. If we enter a relationship with intention we are starting off in a positive place. Intention means maintaining focus and purpose- understanding from point one what we want to have in our relationships. It doesn’t mean we plan the entire timeline of the relationship ( which is counterproductive and doesn’t allow for growth and possibility ) . It means we decide how we will behave and that we will remain mindful and conscious about how we treat our partner, ourselves, and the relationship. The relationship is your sacred creation together, as important and delicate as a child. You created it together and together you will nurture, love, and protect it. All of this requires intentionality. We feel dissatisfaction when we lose touch with the importance of maintaining an intentional relationship and this lack of focus encourages us to forget why we are here and what we want from our bond.

To learn more about intentionality and to find out how Imago Relationship Therapy encourages an intentional relationship, please reach me at :

Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW


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