Enhancing Self-Regulation through Core Practice: My First Thoughts
Enzo Ciardelli

Enzo, I’m so glad that you wrote this post and are looking at extending this discussion. One of my biggest takeaways from Dr. Shanker’s books and courses is that “Self-Reg is not a program.” I’ve heard many wonderful things about the MindUp Program, and some of the ideas in it may work for any number of students in your classroom, but it may not work for everyone. I think that the same is true for yoga. What helps some students/adults self-regulate may dysregulate others. That said, giving something a try is not a bad thing. Maybe see what happens. How do the students respond? Are there some that struggle during the process and/or seem to be dysregulated after the yoga time? Why might that be? What options might work for these students? Do they already seem to be doing something that helps them self-regulate (e.g., reading a book, dancing, colouring, etc.)? Maybe these options could also be available during this yoga time. We talk all the time about the need to differentiate instruction when it comes to academic areas … why not for these learning skills as well? I’m curious to hear what others have to say about this.


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