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Avi Zolty
Apr 24, 2019 · 5 min read

Tips for launching your startup faster

The culture of startup is evolving day by day. There are many people who are wanting to and thereby trying to get ahead with it but they are unable to get the business start off. But, what is the reason behind it? The reason behind the failure of most of the entrepreneurs is that they do not have any clear idea of how to make their business proceed from point A up to point B. The point A is regarded as the extra ordinary idea of the entrepreneurs whereas point B is the place where the current business is completely secure and established. So, here are some tips that can help you to establish your business in no time.

· Just start as soon as possible

Stop waiting for the right moment and start as soon as you can. Unless and until you start off with your business, you cannot make anything happen. If you think that there is something which is prohibiting you from launching your business, then it is the thing that you should ignore or just make up a tackle plan. So, what you need to do is to just:

1. Write the starting line of the code.

2. Sketch your services or products

3. Start designing the prototype of your business

4. Register your business domain

There can be nothing that can stand between you and your business other than yourself. Always carry on with the thing that is required to be carried on at the very first place.

· If you do not have a clear idea of what to sell, just start selling anything you can

Many entrepreneurs are out there who knows exactly what are they going to sell. And, there are others who do not have any clear idea of what to sell. Such people just want to start by selling something. The best advice is to start selling anything. Most of the world famous entrepreneurs are not into selling of something new. The famous entrepreneurs are just selling something different or something better than the initial one. For example:

1. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal Mart started selling the similar thing that one can find in any other convenience store.

2. Warren Buffet started with the business of buying and selling the stocks of other people.

3. Ted Turner started by selling television advertising and broadcasting.

For being an entrepreneur, you need not to be an innovator all the time. You can simply take someone else’s product and start selling it. For example, Richard Branson started with Virgin Airlines after he got frustrated with cancelled flights. He started off with a private charter jet and see where he is today. The idea is very much clear; go ahead, sell anything you want.

· Always ask for someone’s help and advice

Whenever you start a new business of your one, you might not have answers to all your questions. For example, your business needs to be incorporated. But you might not have any clear idea of how to do that. Which one will be better, is it the S-Corp or the C-Corp or the LLC? In order to find such answers, seek the help of an experienced attorney. That person can help you in giving you the perfect advice which would be beneficial for you and your business as well. Also, if you are not getting enough confidence to move ahead with the advice, ask that person to do the same thing for you. And, in return pay that person with your stocks or other deferred payments.

Whenever an issue arises but you are unable to find out the solution, find a person who has the experience of dealing with such situations in the past. As you start with your business, you require more knowledge along with professional skills which you can easily acquire from people who works for your business.

· Finding a cofounder

As soon as you start your business, finding a cofounder for your startup is a very important task. You might think that what is the need of a cofounder when you are here as the original founder. But, that is not the case. Starting off with a business takes much than just passion and hard work. In fact, you might find it difficult to gather investors for your business unless and until you have a total team. The investors are likely to start investing in those startups that have a proper structural team. Also, cofounders can help in mending the gap. They can provide you with the skills that you are lacking and can also come with brand new ideas for your business.

· Don’t just focus on monetary issues

Whenever you start a business, stop worrying about from where the money will be coming from. Any good service or product will find a definite way to make money. It is completely true and with singular focus only on money might lead to dragging off your business out of the track. No matter whether it is business loan, capital or funding, just back off from your singular focus and let them evolve on their own. Growth not only means money. It also includes selling, straining, hacking and doing other things, rather than just asking about for money.

· Focus on marketing

Most of the entrepreneurs miss out what is known as marketing. It is regarded among the pillars of startup. It is the only thing that can make your business well known among others. With effective marketing, you can bring out your services and products in front of the customers and can make them buy it. Without proper marketing you can never create a strong customer base. So, spend your time and money on marketing as it s regarded as the best investment option at the early stage for any kind of business.

· Start talking with your customers

Startup not only endures in the mind of an entrepreneur. Rather, it also exists in the minds of the potential customers. The faster you can learn about your potential customers, the quicker you can have the grip on a potential market. This can also help in serving your customers in a much better way which in turn will help in making your business grow.

A startup can be regarded just like a 100meter race, the faster you run, the more chances you have of winning.

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