Why I won’t be using Google In January

A YC alumni’s thoughts on the Google/RapGenius controversy

Avi Zolty
Avi Zolty
Dec 25, 2013 · 2 min read

The story’s all over the Internet— and if you’re the type of person to read a Medium article explaining why someone’s boycotting Google, you’re probably already familiar with it.
The gist is as follows: RapGenius offers incentives to blog-posters to add links about Justin Bieber to their blogs- which increases RG’s link relevancy, piloting them to the top of Google Search Queries. Google gets mad — and ‘punishes’ (read: fatally attacks) them by knocking all RapGenius links into Siberia.
But what does this mean for you and I? Besides getting less relevant search results when looking up song lyrics (If there is anyone out there that thinks they can argue that Rapgenius doesn’t have the BEST and therefore the most RELEVANT lyrics- I heartily await your reasoning).

This means Google is no longer the ‘forward thinking’ and ‘new-age’ company we once thought of it as. For a company that is known for it’s employee perks and its stance as an internet privacy advocate as it ‘fights for the people’; this ‘punishment’ is disgusting and disturbing.

Has Google forgotten why people USE Google in the first place? Google has always been about giving the most relevant content on returned queries. In fact, that’s why they came up with rules to stop people “gaming” the system by encouraging people to link to them.

However, when RG finds the need to “hack” the system because Google’s not doing it’s job in ensuring the most relevant results for “Justin Bieber Lyrics” by taking you to Rap Geniuses page… What do they do?

Instead of taking a look into their OWN issues- they knock Rap Genius off the front page.

*cough* *cough* did someone say censorship?

This is Google showing the world that they no longer care about having the most relevant results — their only concern is maintianing their terms/rules. This reminds me of a bureaucracy not a tech company. This is a disgrace to start-up’s, the valley, and the tech world as a whole.

Shame on you Google.

    Avi Zolty

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    Avi Zolty

    YC Alum with 3 large acquisitions. Founder @skurt