A Lesser-known Impact of Streaming Video

Living thousands of miles away from home can get difficult. I hit a patch of feeling deeply homesick for almost an entire year. And then something amazing happened. Eytan Levit launched Yoovi and live-streamed the entire thing. He used an app no longer in service, one made by the guys who have since launched Meerkat. Being able to sit at my desk and listen/watch Eytan throughout the day did a few things:

  1. It allowed me to be inspired by a passionate entrepreneur trying to get his app off the ground
  2. It allowed me to hear voices, language and sounds of my home country, which had a positive impact on my mood
  3. It opened my eyes to a totally different level of transparency, which I still find interesting to this day
  4. It served as great background noise as I worked. I honestly couldn’t pay attention to him the entire time, but it was at minimum something that complimented Coffitivity well

Eytan had no idea that he was boosting the mood of some random dude across the globe, he was more or less just making a marketing play. I’ve since reached out to him to let him know what he did. Now I’m sharing this with you to let you know about a lesser-known impact of social video.