Palm Beach Confidential Review by Actual Member
Jeff Lenney

Hi Jeff

I am a fellow subscriber to Palm Beach Confidential, joining in April 2017. Your review is accurate in recording the helpfulness of the site in getting started in cryptocurrencies and the success of many of Teeka’s picks. I am happy with that side of the deal.

However, I am very unhappy in another respect — the incompetency of the customer service side of the operation and their breach of contract!

When I signed up, the offer included a giveaway of a sum of bitcoin which would be made available to claim after the subscription was paid.

Istructions were first given on 12th June, as contained in this quote from their email:

Dear Reader,

Congratulations! You’re just a few days away from receiving your free bitcoin.

We’re writing to let you know that we’re in the final process of sending it to you.

Below, we’ve outlined the process and broken it down into five simple steps. Read through them now to see what you can expect and how to prepare.

Please note: You must redeem your free bitcoin by December 4, 2017, or it will be forfeited.

Without going into futher detail I can tell you that I have tried to redeem this bitcoin several times, have sent multiple emails requesting help, have made at least 5 transatlantic phone calls, each time explaining my problem, have been promised new instructions that did not arrive, and during my last call to them on 25th September I was told that the delay was due to a huge backlog with customers with similar problems and I would just have to wait for someone to get in touch.

I thought you ought to know about my experience as you are recommending people to list for a new push for business this month with a further bitcoin giveaway. People should be aware of the problems they may face.

If you have any influence at all with Palm Beach Confidential and you care about their reputation I would really appreciate if you could take up this complaint with them. I asked to speak to a Senior Manager in their Customer Service Department, or just to have a name of one, but was told this information cannot be divulged, that even the staff did not know the names of responsible people. It is a very worrying picture if an organisation cannot be open with their staff and customers.

I hope you can help as there is a reasonably substantial sum of money involved that I appear to have lost through no fault of my own and I would hope others would not fall into the same trap.

Thank you.