5 All Natural Supplements for Memory Enhancement

There are a lot of supplements out there claiming to enhance your memory. But which ones can you trust? All-natural, herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements are your best bet when it comes to knowing what you’re getting. Fortunately, there are plenty of these which have been shown to enhance memory all on their own, and some of them are even speculated to prevent and delay dementia symptoms. Let’s go over some of the most reputable and well-respected natural supplements for memory enhancement.

1. Gingko Biloba — This is one of the most well-known natural dietary supplements for improving cognitive function. It has been cultivated in China for centuries, and in recent decades has been utilized in Western cultures both as a dietary supplement and in medical research for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Gingko biloba aids in memory function by improving blood flow to small vessels — like the ones in your brain.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids — These fatty acids are most commonly found in fish oil supplements, but there is also krill oil, codliver oil, and many others. These healthy fats are crucial to overall brain health, and also assist in joint, tendon, and ligament health as well. By improving your brain health generally, they are proven to be a natural memory enhancer.

3. Vitamin E — Vitamin E has been shown in clinical trials to potentially slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. It’s also widely available as a supplement in both pharmacies and health food stores. Too much Vitamin E can be bad for you, however, so take it sparingly.

4. Ginseng — Another Chinese herb, ginseng is commonly used in teas and taken alongside gingko biloba. It’s been shown to act similarly to caffeine, making you more alert and mentally agile, as well as reducing fatigue. In this way, it keeps your memory sharp when you might otherwise be groggy or tired and having difficulty remembering things.

5. Brahmi — Also known as waterhyssop, this herb is native to Western India. It is often used in Ayurvedic practices, but it’s also been shown in Western medicine to improve visual processing, learning, reading comprehension, and memory with continued usage. It has particular benefits for short-term memory.

These five supplements are just a few of the options available for natural memory enhancement. But they serve as a trustworthy and reliable source for those looking to avoid questionable suppliers or unknown chemical compounds.

This has been an article by Avky Inc co-founders Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser.