5 Proven Techniques for Natural Memory Enhancement

Keeping your memory sharp should be at the top of your priority list — it boosts your quality of life and your longevity, and it’s easy to do. You can improve your memory naturally in any number of ways, most of which don’t require any significant training or investment from you. Subtle changes in your lifestyle, diet, and time management are enough to see considerable returns! Let’s go over 5 ways you can start enhancing your memory naturally right now.

1. Exercise — As if you didn’t already know this was good for you. It turns out you’re not just burning calories on that treadmill, you’re also improving brain health. The memory centers in your brain respond to exercise similar to your muscles. The more you move, the more they grow.

2. Sleep — Getting enough sleep is another way to ensure your memory stays on track. Ever notice you have trouble remembering things when you’re tired? This can be more than just short-term grogginess. Over the long-term, sleeping well and sleeping enough can permanently improve not only memory but overall brain health as well.

3. Diet — Not surprisingly, diet is one of the single biggest contributing factors to your brain’s general well-being, and this includes memory. Much of what we know as memory is housed in a structure in the brain called the hippocampus. Fatty acids, proteins, and oils are all proven to increase brain activity in the hippocampus, leading many to speculate that these foods improve our memory. Avoiding starch and sugar is also an important part of your diet for reducing the risk of dementia.

4. Brain games — Playing brain games either on your cell phone, tablet, or just with good old-fashioned pen and paper is a great way to naturally enhance your memory. Whether it’s an app specifically designed to improve memory or a simple crossword puzzle, keeping your brain active through these puzzles and games is clinically proven to reduce all-cause dementia risk as well as keep you sharp at any age.

5. Music — Taking up a musical instrument has been shown to introduce an explosion of new activity in the human brain. By mastering (or at least attempting to master!) a new tool like this, you are using new pathways in the brain and making new neural connections. The more pathways your brain has available, the more ways you have of remembering things. The connection between music and memory is so deep, that it has been shown to persist through otherwise serious brain trauma — people with complete memory loss are still able to play songs they should have completely forgotten!

So there you have it. 5 proven ways to naturally enhance your memory, with simple lifestyle changes!

This has been an article by Avky Inc co-founders Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser.

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