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In first leg of the Second World War, Germany made great victories in pretty much all of Europe in a very short span of time. The whole world was stunned by their speed. The Germans adopted a tactic of warfare called the Blitzkrieg, meaning “lightning war”. …

It’s that time of the year. WebEngage will complete 8 years this Sunday. And, the celebrations kick off today!

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This comes in at a time when we are at our peak performance. We have been doubling our revenues YoY. We recorded profits for the first time in our journey in FY-18. …

Pardon my French.

I recently met the CTO of a large Indian B2B company. He referred to his Director Sales as an a**hole. This post stems from that conversation.

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I used to be a Software Developer for a long part of my career. Then, WebEngage happened. Between Ankit (my co-founder) and I, one of us had to take up the dirty job of selling early on. I was the chosen one. My purist, highly opinionated and rather simple developer life was about to change. This was 7 years ago.

The world comprises two kinds of people.

There are creators
Life of a passionate creator is amazing. Days are full of excitement in trying to create something that just works. It doesn’t matter if anyone really needs what they created. The fact that nobody really cares until one creates something meaningful, gives meaning to a creator’s life. I have lived the life of a software creator. I loved every bit of it. …


Avlesh Singh

Co-founder and CEO, @WebEngage

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