Improving Digital Signature Management with Ux Design


  • UX Strategy: creating the project, knowing the market and comparing competitors
  • UX Research: Persona creation, desk research, benchmarking, user journey and qualitative and quantitative research
  • UI Design: Wireframes, design systems and final prototyping of a mobile application

The challenge

The scenario

“75% of Brazilians use streaming every day, reveals survey”

Project’s goal

  • Why? For users to have greater control over their subscriptions as the modality only tends to grow
  • Who? People who use more than one digital signature
  • When? The app comes in when the user feels they need help managing subscriptions
  • What? An app that links price, status, time and plan options to the user’s subscription
  • Where? in an app
  • How? Metrics at first: SUS, DAU/WAU/MAU and CSAT

“When I subscribe to different digital platforms, I want to have control and a practical view of them, so I can have greater financial control of my expenses.”




  • Provide the user with a view of the subscribed plan and others available
  • Offer a view of how long he has been subscribing to the service
  • Enable the creation of different profiles within an account since, even within the same house and/or family, each one can have different services subscribed to
  • Offer a view of the subscription status so that, in addition to making it easier for the user to choose whether or not to maintain a service, the user has control of the free trial periods, without missing the deadline and having to pay something

Validation and research

  • Most users have more than one subscribed service.
  • No user maintains any form of organization of subscriptions.
  • Knowing how much is being spent on subscriptions is the user’s greatest desire, in addition, general information about the subscription is a common desire. Knowing how long the service is subscribed to was not included in the answers
  • Most users do not know exactly how much they spend on subscriptions, a considerable part have an idea of the value and a minority know the exact value
  • Most users do not miss the free trial period of subscriptions, but still, a considerable portion suffer from this problem.

User Journey

Scribbleframes and Wireframe

High fidelity prototype

Project Solution

Advantages of API Integration

Final considerations

-Leticia Ferreira da Silva




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Leticia Ferreira

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