Our society

People nowadays have social anxiety on the same level insane patients in Asylum did in 1950s

I keep observing the way people live in now, this generation I’m in. Our parents generation blames us for being too obsessed with technology, for being too rude and not respecting our traditions and we blame them for not understanding us. In my opinion, from what I’ve seen, heard and read, both generations are to blame. We spend more time with electronic devices which don’t breathe, think or care than with our families, we spend too much time caring about what other people think and don’t notice how toxic we are becoming and how much we are changing. We are sucked in this rabbit hole where everyone is trying to look cool, special and unique but in the end we end up being the same as everyone else who is trying to do the same thing. Why does it matter if you like some country songs? Why does it matter if you like pink? Why does it matter if you don’t like that one tv show everyone loves? Trying to be someone we are not can cause us to develop depression and social anxiety because when you focus too much on being “perfect” on social medias when we go out we start fearing that we won’t look as cool anymore.

Our parents generation was closed minded and traditional but at least they didn’t fake their life and personality. If they cared they showed it and if they didn’t care, then it was known. The number of people who were depressed or had social anxiety was low compared to now. Our generation has the best opportunity to show their creativity, their uniqueness, to show the world how great they are but they use it to create an imaginary competiton about who’s life is better.

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