Hippie market of India

Every person has a love for shopping. It is something that everyone do on a daily basis. However, the true enjoyment is not in going to the same shopping complex or mall and buy the things on the 'list’, rather it lies in travelling to new places, exploring local markets of different destinations. In other words, it’s the surprise element of buying something new that we may have never seen before. The joy of experiencing new cultures and products is what a true shopper always crave for!


One of the oldest markets in the capital city of India, This place really stand out from the rest in terms of its unique shopping experience, its concentration of affordable hotels, lodges, restaurants, dhabas and a wide variety of shops catering to both domestic travellers and foreign tourists, especially backpackers and low-budget travellers, it has become particularly popular as a haunt for international cuisine.

Most of it can be visited in a day, Paharganj’s ‘vintage shopping experience’ is the major driving force for those who seek change.

Potential visiters may end up buying:

  • Indian clothing including :-
  1. kurtas
  2. Salwars
  3. Sarees
  4. Printed T-shirts
  5. Printed Pyjamas and many more
  • Various cultural dresses
  • Finest ornaments:-
  1. Ear rings
  2. Necklaces
  3. Bracelets,anklets etc.
  • Accessories and services:-
  1. bags, purses and carry ons
  2. Great food and flavors of India.

Its a great place for everyone to visit, although kids may find it a bit uneasy to walk through the narrow passages. Food is also one of the most important attraction of Paharganj.

Lastly, It will be nothing more than a discrimination if I recommend any specific shop because each one has its own story. It is a great place to visit in new Delhi and should not be missed. PAHARGANJ is a very pocket friendly place and a perfect bang for your buck!

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