Top 10 Cheapest Gemstones

In the society we live, buying gemstones is considered to be a very luxurious affair. And why won’t people believe such? Usually, most of the gemstones cost quite a fortune and buying them easily drill holes in everybody’s pockets. But, this is not completely true. There are some gemstones available in the market, which can be afforded by everyone and the best part is that one doesn’t have to compromise about their looks. The top 10 cheapest gemstones in the market are:

Tiger’s Eye: Golden-brown colored gemstones, known for their silky luster, Tiger’s Eye are one of the most affordable gemstones in the world. These gemstones are completely composed of Silica and have gracious looks. On the Moh’s scale of hardness, Tiger’s Eye gems score 5.5 to 6 out of 10.

Agate: Found in a plethora of colors like white, gray, black, blue, orange and red; Agates are another variety of gemstones that can be easily bought without compromising on the looks. The beauty of these gemstones comes from the banded structures within their body.

Amethyst: Protecting their wearers from getting drunk, Amethysts are in use by humans since the Egyptian civilization. Even the name of these gemstones means “Not Drunken”, as per the metaphysical property of these stones. These violet colored alluring loose Amethyst stones come for a very decent price.

Citrine: Getting the name from the Latin word for yellow, Citrines are yellow colored semi precious gemstones. The loose Citrine stones act as low cost substitutes for Yellow Sapphires. In addition to this, these gems are treasured for their transcendental properties.

Rose Quartz: Having alluring pale pink to red rose hue, the Rose Quartz add up to the list of most affordable yet beautiful gemstones. These gemstones are famous for the display of asterism and have been used as a “token of love” since 600 B.C. Not only for ornamental purposes, these stones are also used for carving miniature statues and artefacts.

Turquoise: Most of the people know these gemstones from “Salman Khan’s bracelet”. Though finer grades of these gems are quite expensive as they are rare, the loose Turquoise stones we come across in the market are quite pocket-friendly. Their specific blue color is what takes every one’s heart away.

Onyx: Another variety of Chalcedony like the Agates, Onyx are also known for their banded beauty. The best part about these gemstones is that they are found in almost every color and still do not cost a lot. The most beautiful varieties of the Onyx are the red and black ones.

Kyanite: The beautiful blue color of these gemstones is what makes them famous. Soothing the eyes and the minds of their wearers, Kyanites are counted amongst the best options of budget-friendly gems. One can buy loose Kyanite stones at very decent prices.

Hematite: The steel-gray and black colors of these gemstones make them one of the most decent yet sensuous gemstones. Due to their huge availability in the Iron ores, these exquisite gemstones come at a very low price.

Jasper: The low cost gemstones, Japers are found in the colors like blue, green red, yellow and brown. These gemstones are used for making ornamental jewelry & artefacts like vases and boxes.

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