Avocado.io leadership has gone totally silent. What is going on?
Carl Kibler

Hi, Carl. I’d appreciate *any* help — you can email me at chris@avocado.io. It’s definitely really hard to figure out how to keep this going. As food for thought, I’d suggest considering there’s a few big obstacles to open-sourcing. They include these:

1) that all users’ data is encrypted & that encryption (and its keys) would have to be privately-sourced somehow 
2) that the cost of maintenance is many thousands of dollars a month 
3) that each mobile client has legacy code that is highly complex & difficult to enhance without bug regressions

However, to that end I’ve been rewriting all of the front-ends to accommodate a potential move toward open-sourcing the mobile apps but this is taking a long time — I’d love help on it though if possible. I’d hire help but there’s no money for that without removing the financial ability to keep Avocado running.

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