All These Black Characters and 0 Done Right — How Steven Universe Fails Its Black Fanbase, Part I.
Riley H

I came here August 6th, read an awesome article that gave an amazingly thorough look into why black people are upset with SU, and so very greatly looked forward to seeing how Bismuth fit in, that I copied the link and saved it as a new document on the computer I was borrowing.

2 1/2 weeks later, when I’m on this computer again: no new article? But… 86 notes, of white pieces of shit whining. Whining when they won’t even consider the premise. Whining that any critical interpretation of media that excludes us white people is extra unacceptable. So conveniently NOT running the fuckshit line of “if you don’t like it, don’t read it,” though plenty of “GLAD YUR NOT WATCHIN IT THEN LOLZZ.”

Once again, racist white people go on and literally silent a viewpoint they don’t like. But yeah. This article on is what raises the question of “the line between political correctness and artistic freedom.”

Fucking shame on you all.