#BucketList — San Juan Hut Trip

Mountain Biking for 5 days, 140 miles in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado

The view from the Last Dollar Hut — Day #1

The Very Basics:


To do a supported hut-to-hut mountain biking trip.


Book your trip with the San Juan Hut System. Beer at the end of the day. Enough said.


Train. You will have much more fun. Really.


Pack your bag. Take some stuff out. Take more stuff out.

Do you really need that third bike tube? Nope. Leave it at home.

Get as light as you can, without sacrificing safety.


On the shuttle ride back to Telluride (Day #5) — driving along the Delores River outside of Gateway, Colorado.

Pro Tips:

  1. Book your trip during early June or late September — otherwise, chances are you will melt in the desert portion (Day #5 into Gateway, Colorado). We ran into 100 degree weather at the end of the ride. No fun.
  2. If your choosen route starts in Telluride, Colorado (Day #1) — park at the Telluride Airport. It is the cheapest and easiest place to park.
  3. Western Slope Rides knows the San Juan Hut System. Consider using them to shuttle you back to your starting point.

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