Connecting Coil To Your Wix Website

So you want to connect your website to Coil to start web monetizing your content? How do you do this if you specifically have a Wix website? Easy! Follow the steps and pictures below.

Step 1

The first step is to have a Coil account which you can sign up for here. You want to make sure you have your payment pointer connected to your Coil account. You acquire your payment pointer by visiting XRP Tip Bot and signing in with either Reddit, Twitter, or Discord. After you have signed in visit this page and copy your payment pointer address.

Step 2

Then go to your account page on and scroll down to the “Payment Pointer” section. Insert the pointer and save it. Refresh the page to make sure it’s saved.

Step 3

On the same account page you will see a section called “Web Monetized Sites”. When you click it a script will appear. Copy the entire script.

Step 4

Next go to your Wix dashboard and click on “Manage Website”.

Then click on “Tracking & Analytics” on the left hand side. Once the page loads you are going to want to click on the “+ New Tool” button. It will ask you what type of tool do you want to embed on your website. Choose “Custom” all the way at the bottom. A screen like this should appear:

Insert the script code you copied from Coil. In the name field type in “Coil”. You can have your script run on all pages or choose a specific page for streaming payments. Make sure you check off “Head”. You must place the script there otherwise it won’t run. Click “Apply”.

And you are done! Welcome to the future of payments.

****Please Note*****

For connecting you WordPress and or Blogger site check out this link: