Flowers are known for their freshness and the bright colors. If you are looking forward to gifting your loved ones beautiful flowers, you are sure to make them happy and overjoyed. This is the effect flowers have on the mindset of any individual. The flowers make people forget all their worries and find reasons to smile. There are instances in the life of every person, where you might want to carry a flower bouquet for your loved ones personally. On one hand, it is really simple to get an online delivery of the flowers as the floral experts design and wrap the flowers in such a way that not even a single petal of the flowers get damaged, ad on the other hand, there is no comparison of meeting up your loved ones and handling them the flowers all by yourself. If you want to make a bouquet for your special people yourself, you might want to know how do the floral designers pack and make beautiful flower baskets and bouquets.

If you are driving or carrying fresh flowers for a long distance, or you have received a lovely bouquet of flowers and want to sustain its freshness for a longer period of time, there are many ways in which this can be done. You just have to pay a little attention to the flowers and you can get the flowers exactly in the state you picked them up. You can learn to package and deliver the flowers as the floral experts. Even though there is no comparison, as they have hands on experience dealing with the flowers, you can try these basics to get a beautiful flower arrangement made and delivered all by yourself.


If you have picked up fresh flowers for your loved ones to gift them and you have to drive to get the flowers to your loved ones, all you can do is to keep a bucket of water in your car. There is no need to fill the bucket to the top. Just put enough water so as to keep the ends of the flowers wet. It will keep the flowers hydrated and they will be as good as when you picked them. You can also keep the windows of the car open so that the flowers are in contact with fresh air.


If you are travelling by a public transport, it is never safe to carry an open bouquet of flowers. You can cover your flowers with transparent cellophane and label the box as ‘fragile’. It will make sure that the crowd makes a safe distance from the flowers and they will be lively and fresh.

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