On the road, exploring the Olympic Peninsula. Washington State, 1989.

Editor’s Note: To be transparent, the writer of this article, Anna von Pechmann, is the daughter of the subject of this article, Dr. Walter von Pechmann.

Dr. Walter von Pechmann stares at the American Medical Association code of ethics at his home office. It’s late April 2020 and medical professionals around the United States are being asked to volunteer at hospitals inundated with patients infected with Coronavirus COVID-19.

“I know there are people taking that call and going, and they’re traveling and they’re going in to join the front lines,” said von Pechmann shortly before sticking his head in his…

The social barriers to controlled burns

High Park fire burns in the mountains near Poudre Canyon, Colorado, engulfing thousands of acres of forest, June 19, 2012. The blaze was caused by a lightning strike on June 9, 2012. (Photo courtesy of Senior Master Sgt. John Rohrer via Wikimedia Commons)

Evacuations, the loss of homes and lives, mud slides, destruction of ecosystems, these are just a few things one might associate with wildfires; however, this does not paint a complete picture.

Wildfires, like most things, are nuanced. Before even the first human was born, wildfires had been occurring for a long time. Although climate change has made this more common today, there were times of drought when areas of land would get dry and hot, increasing wildfire risk.

“If you had consistent lighting strikes, you’d have the little fires that would burn, maybe a couple acres here, maybe this one…

portrait of man
portrait of man
Evergreen Wilderness Guides Co-Owner and senior guide Ryan Dresser smiles for a portrait at The Bean Cycle in Old Town Feb. 23. (Photo courtesy of Anna von Pechmann)

Ryan Dresser has been the co-owner and senior guide at Evergreen Wilderness Guides since Sept. 2018. Dresser has been climbing for 10 years and guiding for four seasons, coming up on his fifth. His favorite climbing spots include Eldorado Canyon, Colorado and Vedaauwoo, Wyoming. In May 2016, Dresser moved back to Colorado to pursue a career in the climbing industry. I spoke with him in person to hear about his experiences and thoughts about being a climbing guide.

Anna von Pechmann: How did you get to your positions at Evergreen Wilderness Guides?

Ryan Dresser: I actually bought into Evergreen Wilderness…

One thing that members of the climbing community seem to all agree on is the notion that the sport is reaching an unprecedented level of visibility. Professional climbers, such as Chris Sharma and Margo Hayes, are being hired as stunt doubles and models and popular companies, including Adidas and ESPN, are interacting with entities like Five Ten and USA Climbing.

“We’re starting to see climbing being recognized as this actual, real sport instead of this fringe thing it’s been viewed as for so long,” said Colorado State University Climbing Head Coach Andrew Lee.

As climbing in the media increases, so…

In the past year and a half, the climbing community has come out of the shadows and into the public eye. Most notably, USA Climbing announced a multi-year broadcast agreement with ESPN, Free Solo won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film and three of the four United States of America Olympic Climbing team athletes were chosen.

As we approach the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, controversy stirs about what kind of impact the spotlight will have on the beloved sport.

Colorado State University Climbing Team Coach Jake Gadwa and CSU Recreation Center Climbing Wall Assistant Anna Castro predict that this…

Anna von Pechmann

Journalism and Media Communication student at Colorado State University. Photo Editor at The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

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