Fluid: The app you need to download

The world of social media and technology is rapidly progressing. It seems like everyday there is a new app or a new function that the world of technology provides to the general public to help ease the daily struggles that life can throw at us.

Apps like Uber and Lyft have made getting around as easy as ever with the app Postmates breaking a barrier in the world of food delivery services.

Now, there is a brand new app that allows consumers to rent and test out a wide variety of different objects in a seamless and effortless manor.

The app is called “Fluid”, and is described as:

“A community sharing app that allows neighbors to borrow and share things they don’t use every day at a neighborly rate! Don’t buy it — Fluid it.”

You could rent just about anything out from Fluid, ranging from camping equipment, to seasonal items such as snow and leaf blowers, to luxury cars such as the self-driving Tesla model X and a Lexus GS350, to party equipment such as life-sized Jenga, bouncy castles, and grills, and just quirky stuff for personal pleasure such as motorized scooters, Kayak’s, and virtual reality glasses.

Best of all?

Power to the people! You set your own rate. The renter gets to set the price whether it be for the hour, day, or week on anything he or she is willing to rent.

The message board within the app allows for the renter and consumer to communicate in an effortless way, making the renting process as swift and easy as possible, creating a neighborly vibe between the renter and consumer.

“Fluid makes it easily accessible to items I want, but are hesitant to purchase.” One user said. “As well as I can put my belongings on Fluid, so I could receive money for things I usually do not use. I rent them out for a reasonable price, giving me the opportunity to make some money on objects that I do not use on a daily basis.”

Fluid is the best way to try out that new car you want to test drive before purchasing it, or getting the best grill supplies for your Sunday tailgate, or renting a tent for the weekend rather then breaking the bank to buy one you will rarely use.

Make your life easier! Test things before you buy them, and make some cash on things you don’t use! Download Fluid today and see what it can do for you.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FluidMarket

Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/FluidMarket/

Website: http://www.fluidmarket.com/

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