Augmented Reality Speakers

can music become more exciting and personal?

Avraham Raskin
3 min readOct 9, 2018


I want to show everyday use-cases of Augmented Reality. Too often people either associate AR with a gimmicky game (Pokemon Go) or a fantastical SciFi world (Iron Man) that has nothing to do with them or the real world. With ‘2025’ I want to change that perception.

2025 | YouTube

What’s going on here?

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The speaker that usually just plays your music now has its interface augmented over it. We can see the album artwork, and which music application it’s playing from. We can also easily control the music with simple gestures. Micro-gestures.

What does this mean?

Raising the volume

Micro-gestures. You may have seen some concept ideas from Googles Project Soli. What are they, and how are they different from regular gestures?

Regular gestures can be very taxing. They look simple and easy, but try holding up your hand swiping and pointing at things in the air for long periods of time. Very soon your hand becomes tired. Micro-gestures are all the fun, and little of the tiredness. Keep a look out for them.

Now with the interface, these days there is a disconnect with the speakers that play our music and the interface we use to control it. The interface usually sits on our computer or phone as an app. Separate. But somehow connected.

With AR no longer will we use an app on a separate screen to control our music. We will be able to see our interface and control our music directly on the speaker itself.

Why should I care?

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The way you connect to your music will completely change again. No longer is your speaker just a dumb box playing whatever its instructed. We’re removing one more unnecessary layer, and interfacing directly with our music. We can start to take full advantage of the actual physical object, its shape, volume, weight and feel.

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