‘2025’ is a short series showing how AR will be used in the mainstream future

Turn any dumb speaker into a smart speaker with Augmented Reality

Avraham Raskin
Aug 27, 2018 · 3 min read

I want to show everyday use-cases of Augmented Reality. Too often people either associate AR with a gimmicky game (Pokemon Go) or a fantastical SciFi world (Iron Man) that has nothing to do with them or the real world. With ‘2025’ I want to change that perception.

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What’s going on here?

Every speaker can become a smart speaker. You can now interact with any random speaker in the room and they become your music interface. You can see the album artwork and swipe to the next song.

What does this mean?

Swipe to the next song

We use computer vision to now recognise what is a speaker. All of the sudden, the plain speaker, that used to be a one trick pony, which would just output whatever song was streamed to it, has also become an input device. Instead of only listening through it, it can now be used to control your sound.

Tap to turn off

Look at any speaker and ‘tap’ the side to activate it. You can see your album artwork wrapped around the speaker. A simple swipe will skip to the next song. Tap again to turn off controls.

It also won’t matter which speaker you’re using, you could theoretically control your music from any speaker in the room.

We can move away from the current paradigm where speaker and player are separated. Being able to manipulate and handle a physical device changes the whole relationship.

Why should I care?

Nowadays your music player sits on your laptop or your phone, and if you want to change the song or move to a different playlist, you need to walk over to your computer, or grab your phone, and open up a specific app before you can do anything.

Your music player and speaker live in two different worlds.

With AR we connect the two. You aren’t tied to a particular device anymore. T here is no difference any more which device holds, and controls the music, and which device plays it. Is your phone charging in the other room? Is your computer being used by someone else? No problem. Your speaker is now the interface.

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Avraham Raskin

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