Why I Want Donald Trump To Win The Election

I’ll preface this by saying I’m a 33 year old white male that doesn’t have a college education and has never made over $20,000 in my life. I’ve never voted in an election, ever! I don’t follow politics and I don’t care to, but I want Donald Trump to win. By and large you’re probably thinking I’m the perfect Trump supporter.

Well I’m not. In my eyes this man is a buffoon, a living breathing caricature that embodies all the false ideals we’ve been fed of what a successful businessman is. I don’t agree with anything he has to say. I don’t think he has the ability to lead his own enterprises let alone the largest free country on earth. But I still want him to win.

I want him to win so badly not because I loathe Hillary Clinton and what she embodies, but because this could be the final wake-up call the United States needs. I’m a realist and I see the scenarios that will pan out in front of me as this country steadily burns itself to the ground on the backs of the peoples choices. Democracy or idiocracy in action?

The scenarios I see in my minds eye come from me being a traditional realist. I don’t see the glass half empty or it half full. I see a glass with a fluid I could drink or not drink, but I see it. It’s these scenarios that range from the absurdly comedic to the absurdly real that I see panning out and frankly at this point I can’t wait to live through them.

Scenario 1: Trump wins; the Republican party implodes on itself as it fills with regret and self doubt on how far they’ve come to be this disenfranchised that a person who should be a Sunday political cartoon is now the president. It causes a reform like we’ve never seen and everyone to reevaluate their party affiliations and what they believe in. The mainstream media freaks out. Fox, CNN, and all the others continue their media shit-storm spewing vitriol and helping to divide this country. A revolution could and probably would ensue.

Scenario 2: We get to see our president and his cabinet assassinated. There have been attempts on other Presidents in the past, but not since Kennedy has anyone been successful. Whether it’s the CIA, ISIS, or some other third party radical, this could and probably will happen. Every conspiracy theorist comes out of the woodwork with their theories on why it happened. The government commissions some kind of group to look into it, the world watches and waits. New experts emerge onto the mainstream media circuit. In the mean time the government has to figure out how it got to this point and could potentially work to unify this country in a trying time. Trump would be a martyr but would anyone really care that he was gone?

Scenario 3: Trump fires those nukes he knows nothing about. It wasn’t a little snafu or a misunderstanding, he just wanted everyone in the world to know that his phallic missiles were the biggest and baddest. Well he proved it and now we’re all left without all the technology we know, leaving us to look like rejects from the Mad Max universe, only problem here people, gas has a shelf life. So it would probably look more like the world of Turbo Kid minus Powergloves that make people explode. Life expectancy dwindles, the human population is culled, and more species are extinct. Perhaps a society will arise from the ashes, but what do you care? You, me, and everyone reading this is probably dead.

Scenario 4: This unspoken of recession we’re in hits us right after Trump takes office. No one was prepared for this. We see the housing market crash much like it did in 07/08, China either lends us more money or defaults us, and the divide between the top and the bottom expands. As everyone looks for someone to blame it will perhaps be the Mexicans or the Muslims, maybe it will be the Blacks or the Gays. The divide in this country will expand, revolt will happen, irreparable damage will ensue. The world watches us burn and England mentions something about how it was better when they owned us.

Scenario 5: The country finally realizes that the presidency is merely a figurehead and that what really matters is who is in the Senate and Congress. We see a voter turnout like never before, getting rid of the policy makers that have ran our lives for 20, 30, 40 plus years and have lost touch with the U.S. citizens. Trump realizing this resorts to going on presidential vacations and occasionally making speeches about how he’s making America great again, when in truth we all know that it was the people that finally did it.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is these scenarios while plausible are nothing more than something that could exist in an alternate reality if you subscribe to the multi-verse theory. While I would love to see society crumble due to its own bad choices, I’m but one person that can’t change government, big politics, or the future. All I can do is stock up on ammo, water, and things to barter with in the event we end up like Max Rockatansky. Or I can just sit back and let this political shit-storm we’re living through come to an end and we can have another four years of bullshit. Either way, I want Trump to win because the comedic value as we decline would be great.