How to access The Cloud during an outage

Do you know someone who relies on the telephone for their business?

Do you know someone who can’t afford to be down while waiting for a telephone company technician to arrive, when something breaks?

The Cloud is a great solution because there is nothing to break. All you need are your Cloud Based phones, plug them in, and they just work. However, the challenge with VoIP is that when the Internet goes down, so do your phones. If your Internet provider has a 3 day outage what would it do to your business?

Fortunately, there is a solution out there. The SimiPlex Cloud Based Solution provides true network redundancy by monitoring your Internet connection for outages. As soon as an outage is detected, it switches over to 4G LTE, keeping your phone service up and running as if nothing happened.

This solution is frequently used by construction companies, when they roll out their office trailers to a job site, and need affordable phone and Internet service without running wires.

A good fit for this solution would be people in the financial markets, such as stock brokers, hedge fund traders, or anyone who needs total reliability.

A little bit about SimiPlex. SimiPlex Technologies helps businesses with communications systems, which starts with the phones, but includes services such as Internet, Data Networking, Contact Centers, Cabling, Video Conferencing, and Security Cameras. We focus on much more than just the phones. We help you solve business problems in your business. For example, a hair salon owner who is looking for help on whether or not to hire a full time receptionist. Or a real estate broker who is concerned about preserving his brand identity when opening a new office. Or a doctor who is looking for help to keep his waiting room calm.

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