Solving 3 common challenges for Real Estate Brokers

As is written at, “The Swanepoel Trends Report discusses numerous strategies brokers and agents can follow to increase their income and maximize the opportunities created by the shifting market conditions.” The first strategy they list is: Maximizing Technology and the Internet to the Fullest. With that said, here are a few industry challenges, as well as the solutions that empower real estate brokers and agents to utilize technology to increase their productivity and maximize their business opportunities:

Challenge: The agents own the relationship with the clients.

Your clients are calling their agent’s cell phone, not their business phone. When an agent leaves your brokerage, so do his clients. What can you do to protect yourself from losing your client base when the agent leaves?

Solution: SimiPlex Cloud Based Solution has a feature called Mobile Twinning, which automatically and simultaneously rings your desk phone AND your mobile phone for ALL calls, ALL the time! Because it functions automatically, it is simple to use, and reliable. It works all the time. With Mobile Twinning, your agents hand out to their clients a single phone number, their office number. When the agent leaves, the phone number is assigned to a new agent, and the client remains within the brokerage. As an added bonus, Mobile Twinning grants agents the freedom and flexibility to balance their work life and personal life. With Mobile Twinning, you can answer calls from anywhere. You can take a vacation and customers won’t even know that you’re gone!

Challenge: How to fax a mobile workforce?

Real Estate firms still rely heavily on faxing to transmit signed documents. With the prevalence of mobile agents, how can technology be leveraged to bridge the gap between accommodating the need for faxing and embracing their mobile workforce culture?

Solution: SimiPlex Cloud Based Solution includes Internet Faxing capabilities with each extension. You can send and receive faxes from any computer. When you receive a fax, an alert is sent to your email, so you know the second the fax arrives. As an added benefit, all internet fax mailboxes are secure and confidential. No more dealing with an insecure fax machine that anyone can just walk up to.

Challenge: Scalability.

As a real estate brokerage firm grows beyond their initial location, and expands to multiple offices, they need their communication system to grow with them and adapt to their changing needs, as opposed to holding them back. With legacy premise based phone systems, some of the challenges growing firms face are as follows:

· Disparate systems at each office with no ability for interoffice transfers. — Calls can only be routed to agents who are currently physically at that location.

· In house expertise is required to manage and maintain the phone equipment. — In order to make any changes to your phone system configuration, you need to have someone on staff that is capable of making those changes. This is an added expense to running your business.

· Toll charge when making interoffice calls. — Collaborating with your staff and coworkers incurs an expense every time you pick up the phone to talk to them.

· Lack of brand uniformity across offices.

Solution: SimiPlex Cloud Based Solution grows with your business. Let’s address each of the challenges listed above:

· Disparate systems at each office with no ability for interoffice transfers — Since its connectivity is to the cloud and not to a physical location, it is able to easily scale to the needs of your business. If you add new offices, just add phones and you’re done! All the system programming and routing intelligence is stored and maintained in the cloud. Therefore, the ability to route calls between offices, is no more complex than routing calls down the hall!

· In house expertise is required to manage and maintain the phone equipment. — All phone system user management changes are made via our online portal, and is so simple to use, that anyone can do it! Alternatively, our helpful support staff will be more than happy to assist you with any system administration you require.

· Toll charge when making interoffice calls. — Since all your offices will be running on a single cloud based system, there are no toll charges when calling between offices. To reach a person, anywhere in the company, just dial their internal extension, even if they are on the other side of the world!

· Lack of brand uniformity across offices. — Since all your offices will be connected to a single cloud based system, all system and automated attendant greetings will have a uniform voice and call flow. Furthermore, you can easily setup a distributed contact center, where agents are load balanced across all your locations. With included comprehensive call analytics, the SimiPlex Cloud Based Solution will help you provide your customers with the true world class service they deserve. With service like this, you will knock your competition out of the park!

My question for you is, what are you doing in your business to enable you to deliver world class service to your clients no matter which office they call? I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

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