Economy 2.0: Blockchain and the crypto currency, one without the other — is dangerous.

Many speak only about Blockchain, not mentioning a crypto currency, if the crypto currency is mentioned, it is not always in “bright” colors. The advantages of crypto-currency are before fiat (conventional) money are silenced.

No, somebody will say, “everything is not so fine, there are shortcomings” — and he/she will be right: great volatility (price volatility) of crypto currency, which is good only for speculators, weak prevalence, and in all cases there is ease of use, the more “convenience” for “traditional business.”

How to solve these shortcomings?

It requires the popularization, expansion and provision of convenient “tools” for the sector that renders services, sells goods, forces the flywheel of the economy to move — business, small, medium and large. And if we say that everything that is happening now is a change in the economic and social model, then such serious “instruments” should be governed by consensus, by society, they should not absolutely depend on a handful of people, whether it’s a start-up, or a whole corporation. Such a system should be managed with the help of the “DAO” — the Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

As soon as the business gets the tools with which it will be convenient to take into account its income / expenditure in the crypto currency, it is more convenient and more profitable to provide services in the same crypto currency, and pay salaries in the crypto currency. But the main thing is that such a system should be built on the ideology of Blockchain:

- Equity of participants.

- Indestructibility.

- Decentralization and distribution

- Providing anonymity and privacy

So our project was born — Avrorum.

Avrorum — Blockchain CRM \ ERP platform for B2B \ B2C

CRM — Customer Relationship Management. ERP — Enterprise Resource Planning.

This is a system of automation and optimization of work processes at enterprises, with the possibility of selling goods and services. It will be easier and more understandable for some businessmen to experience the advantages of crypto-currency and lock-up in real life, through the platforms and systems that are customary for them. Such a system is — CRM \ ERP.

Electronic document management, transaction management, various analytics (sales funnels, Gantt diagram, etc.), financial / warehouse accounting, issuing / monitoring tasks, the ability to pay salaries to employees in the crypto currency with auto-eject on cards / electronic wallets, messenger, VoIP telephony , the realization of goods / services, and various business tools (Landing page builders, etc.) — all this is Avrorum.

Avrorum — builds a platform for small, medium and large businesses.

The project management architecture is built on the principle of “Self-regulation” — DAO, where only the participants themselves decide by consensus, what updates are required for the system, how open it should be and can vote for necessary changes, which are implemented by permanent platform developers, or create applications themselves and connect using the Avrorum API. By providing a standard set of tools when registering, each company will be able to build the right toolkit in a platform that fits exactly to their specifications, type or kind of activity, this is possible by building platform architecture on a modular basis, where companies can enable or disable the module, additional applications.

Why is “DAO” so important in such a project?

We all know why there are only talks about Blockchain, and why no classic crypto-currencies (Bitcoin \ Litecoin \ Dash, etc.) are mentioned, because they are not subject to anyone. In the end, even now, there are attempts to create “national” crypto-currencies, which will be controlled by all the same banks, but the idea of ​​the whole blockbuster community is different … And in such a scheme, where the crypto-currency is under the central authority, you, friends, become figures on the screen, and we have the potential to be in a world where every movement we have will be known. Where every our purchase and sale will be known, and for example if you are a journalist who talks about corruption among politicians, you can be shut up — having deleted from the economic system. And this is all predictable. But! What if the centralized companies begin to implement the crypto currency, even the classical ones? In the form of SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or some kind of public system? The CRM \ ERP is the accounting of the company’s income, all transactions, salaries, etc.? Then you do not have to create your own crypto currency. It is necessary simply that these companies would provide all the data “Where necessary” — and we again return to the violation of the idea of ​​blockade. To the possibility of abuse of power.

So what should we do?

Create a public system “CRM \ ERP” on the principles of “DAO” built on the ideology of the blockchain, popularize and stimulate the use of classical crypto-currencies similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other “values” of which society itself supports. And only by creating such systems that are controlled by consensus, not by a bank or a corporation — we can be sure that the expression prescribed in any constitution will be fulfilled:

“The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power is the people”.

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