Male Athletes May Insist Otherwise, But Locker Rooms Are Filled With Toxic Masculinity
Sarah Lerner

At the end of the day the reason why women will always be somewhat degraded in highly masculine sessions is because while a player or person is doing the heavy lifting that person always looks down on who aren’t busting their butts at that moment and sees them as lesser beings. This is entirely natural and happens to men and women especially when their are multiple women together chatting and no men are present. We know your ripping us to shreds to your girlfriends when were not around we just understand its natural and girls for whatever reason dont. Theirs just as much toxicity amongst women especially when its just a friend and not a spouse. So while your article may be correct you clearly don’t understand that its a 2 way street as long as ppl continue to have relationships that aren’t truly intimate thiers going to be belittling on both sides and both sides need to accept that and work on it on an individual level