Brady and Gorappolo are 2016’s Young- Montana

Solving the Bradappolo Conundrum

What are the Patriots going to do with their 2 stud quarterbacks? Should they trade Brady and commit the future to Jimmy G? Should they trade Jimmy Gorappolo and cash in to try to start another dynasty behind Brady? Or should they keep them both and try to convince Gorappolo that whenever Brady retires, he will have the keys to the best run franchise in NFL history?

When looking for answers to these future altering questions it is often best to look back. Where have we seen this type of situation before? fortunately we have a great precedent to fall back on that fits the Patriots situation perfectly the fun Montana -Young debate in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The 49ers were in the same situation that the Pats are in now, a older veteran QB at the twilight of his career but still with at least a Super Bowl or two left in the tank. Coupled with a young and exciting QB with a live arm and live legs who has shined in the limited opportunities he has had when the veteran star was out. So what did the Niners do that allowed them to use both QB’s to their advantage without sabotaging and dividing their franchise? They found a way to get both players playing time while ultimately relying on Montana until it was clear that the 49ers were better of with Young after Youngs MVP season in 1992.

By doing this the 49ers were simultaneously able to keep Young happy by giving him playing time to increase his value,and get the best out of Montana because he had to keep Young off his heels. It also allowed the 49ers to manage Montana's health as he was getting increasingly brittle in the late 80’s. Perhaps even more importantly it gave Young the chance to sit and watch an all time great run one of the trendsetting offenses of any era and possibly saved him from running himself to death before he became an accurate thrower.

Its hard to imagine the situation going any better for the 49ers, they milked the best out of Montana while still being able to retain the future of Young. While it may be difficult to retain Gorappolo, you have to wonder if theirs a better situation for all involved. The Patriots franchise gains the ultimate insurance policy in case Brady goes down, Gorappolo gains by learning from Brady while taking a minimal pounding and the keys to the future. While Brady gains his first true in- house competitor since Drew Bledsoe and and a backup who can extend his career either in New England or elsewhere once it becomes apparent that he and the Pats are mutually interested in parting.

PS.the Pats are going 16–0