Culture Change in Sacramento

Off the top of your head, try to name two players who know the ups and downs of the NBA better than Zach Randolph and Vince Carter. Carter came into the league as the next “chosen one” and although he was a very good player, left a bad taste in everyone's mouth when he quit on the Toronto Raptors in the early 2000’s (I’m 23 and I already feel old). He would have been remembered as an all time woulda-coulda-shoulda guy if he hadn't had his brief late career renaissance with the Grizzlies and the Mavericks. Randolph had a tumultuous run with the Knicks in the ill-fated Eddy Curry, Stephen Marbury, Isaih Thomas era. He was known for showing up out of shape and unmotivated until he came to Memphis. While his Grindhouse teams may not have yielded a title, they became one of the most beloved teams in NBA History.

A culture shot in the arm is exactly what Sacramento needs. The Boogie Cousins teams were play for play one some of the most dysfunctional teams of the modern era. Some would say a group of streetballers. Insert Carter and Randolph, two players who understand how important it is to treat every play, and every off season properly. The expectation is that will share their past regrets with Buddy Hield, Willy Cauley Stein ,and De’Aron Fox so they know how important it is to keep your attention on winning and nothing else.

The Sacramento Kings goal this season is not to make the playoffs, it is to create a new culture for the next generation of the organization

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