Don’t Blame A-Rod

Blame the coach who’s wasting him

Over the past season and a half Aaron Rodgers stats have not lived up to his career averages and his reputation. While we seem to be living in the generation of ageless QB’s Rodgers stats and overall play has indicated to the masses and especially tv show talking heads most of whom haven’t even played quarterback in a rec league are jr saying that its his fault that the Packers aren’t averaging 30 points a game and his fault that the Packers have under performed. While he certainly does deserve a share of the blame, most of it really belongs on the horrific head coaching job done by Mike McCarthy and the decline of Randall Cobb.

To anyone who has been watching the Packers and Rodgers over the years instead of just blabbing off about them one thing that is easily evident is his lack of enthusiasm, the guy just looks bored. The packers are running the same back shoulder curl option routes and the same underneath stuff to Cobb for the last five years.Coach McCarthy Did you actually think that after 5 years teams weren’t gonna start figuring this out? Rodgers needs a new challenge and a new slot receiver with real wheels, Randall Cobb has been a complete joke you can’t start a speed reliant receiver who has lost his speed. Yet McCarthy still dials up plays almost entirely reliant on yac to Cobb hoping that he’ll suddenly get his old speed back. When you combine a declining receiving core a stale game plan and a QB who has little to nothing to prove your going to get poor results.

These flaws were most evident in the Giant game. The Giants DB’s were smothering Green Bay’s receivers because they knew exactly which routes were coming, combine that with several flat throws from Rodgers and a strange inability to complete screen passes and your gonna have to win ugly. I have never seen Rodgers look so zoned out of a game luckily Eli was actually worse so they won but, those missed passes were not the sign of a player in decline rather a player with declining interest and that falls on the coach. Its time for change in Green Bay and it starts with Mccarthy and Cobb not Rodgers

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