Kevin Durant is a Warrior,Everybody Panic!!…Or Not

Hitting the brakes screeeeeeech, the 2017 NBA season has not happened yet the Warriors are still undefeated so far though, for those of you who are already counting. Forget injuries and other random trash this Warriors team is pretty damn good, not gonna lie, but they are not unbeatable. I still don’t see anyone on that roster that can guard LBJ, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or Jeff Green after snorting a line, so lets not give the dubs any more dubs than they have right now, zero. How to stop the Warriors is difficult to pinpoint right now, but history tells us that every team has a weakness and its just a matter of time before a wise opponent figures it out. A decade ago (somehow feeling old at 22) their was another team which conjured up the same unbeatable hype. They also had a charismatic and skilled leader, a physical freak with unparalleled skills, and a brilliant coach who created a system that thrived on anticipation,timing and of course illegal screens. The 2007 Patriots may have been the greatest team of all time, they had everything a fan could ask for and more and still fell short to a Giants team that found their achilles heel. I expect the 2017 Warriors to have a very similar season to those Pats. A tremendous start highlighted by blowout wins and outrageous scoring totals. A team that looks utterly invincible until week 9 comes around. then a shift will occur, teams will start preparing for the Warriors a little earlier, stronger opponents will be starting to hit their stride as the Warriors start to get complacent. All of the sudden a majority of the Warriors go-to offensive plays will be anticipated by opponents and thwarted, their margins of victory will be slimmer, and the grind of 3 straight playoff runs will start to rear its ugly head in terms of mental and physical fatigue. How Golden State reacts to the ruthless adversity that only being Public Enemy #1 inspires will determine how they are remembered.Either as champions or as just another great team that ran out of steam. Pls ❤ to recommend