Relish Odell While You Can

Picture Me Rolling

Odell Beckham is iconic, he is not comparable to any other receiver in the league today. He is Chad Johnson reincarnated but just more talented and more confident. While Chad had his antics and celebrations and decapitations

I will remember both of them for beating the ravens in epic fashion. Odell's absolute annihilation of the ravens was great because of how cocky he was. On both of his long touchdowns he was waving wannabe tacklers off 30 yards from the goal line,

even though on the first one I’d bet 90% of receivers could dream of taking it for a score especially after the cutback. But theirs Odell waving to Db’s like flightless birds saying,”I’m already up nobody can touch me”

Oh also the fact that he’s almost impossible to tackle on the sidelines the dude is just fierce in ways that only maybe Larry Fitzgerald could rival 5 years ago. He is on beast mode every play the only shame is that theirs no illegal defense rule preventing teams from doubling him, and the fact that Eli is throwing to him. I like that he knows he the best regardless of what the numbers say no matter how many balls Antonio/Julio/Aj catches at the end of the day Odell knows that Odell is the best bar none.

Its time to rip out the Current Hall of Fame Jacket no question marks necessary