The Cavs Won Game 3.

Its just difficult to see when the score says otherwise

The Cleveland Cavaliers outplayed the Warriors last night in every facet of the game aside from making three pointers. the execution of the gameplan and the game plan itself was nearly flawless. Offensively the Cavaliers ran Curry ragged around triple ball screens for Jr.Smith. Kyrie Irving attacked Klay Thompson from advantageous positions off ball screens and in transition. Defensively the Cavaliers harried the Warriors stars for most of the night by aggressively trapping them on almost every possession. On most nights Kyle Korver drains more than 2/6 from three on open looks, on most nights Lebron puts in one of the fadeaways or layups that missed, on most nights Kyrie’s jumper would be more reliable, on most nights Kevin Love will not fumble the ball under the basket. On most nights the Cavs would have won last night

Lebron and Kyrie both stated today that the NBA is a make-or-miss league. This is true but I think they meant it more as a response to the media members as a way of saying,”we played great we just missed opportunities we usually convert” and no matter what we say today nothing will matter because we lost. This is great media work by Lebron and Kyrie but it does not reflect the confidence they should be feeling going into game 4. While most people are arguing that the Warriors took the Cavs best shot, I would counter the other way, the Cavs took the Warriors best shot in game 3 and still should have won. Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry had monster shooting nights and the Cavs were still in position to win. Going into game 4 the Cavaliers have a pretty clear understanding of what it will take to beat Golden State. Their level of defensive communication was remarkable and their pressure scheme worked to perfection until late in the fourth when they abandoned it. I may be a homer but I don’t believe the series is over because I think Golden State will win game 4, I think the Cavaliers just figured them out to late. Its hard to see the Cavaliers being able to sustain the energy to defeat Golden State 4 times in a row, but if we started a new series tomorrow I would have the Cavs winning.

This counts for a lot, there are a lot of media pundits suggesting a Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving trade even some rumors of a Lebron exodus. The question that begs to be asked is why break up a team that just went toe-to-toe with one of the best teams ever assembled? I think just switching out Richard Jefferson or Deron Williams with a younger player could have swung one of these games. The Cavs will have an opportunity to accomplish that in the offseason.

In short I don’t believe the Cavs are that much worse than the Warriors, I think they just figured out the Rules of Engagement to late and squandered a huge opportunity to win a finals game. This is not a valid reason to blow up the roster.

If we survive until game 6 I cant wait to here the media pundits who said we were dead, pull a complete 180.#surviveland