The only edge the Celtics have is Heart

A Cavs fans message to the Celtics

The Lebronaliers are almost certainly going to eliminate the Celtics over the next week. They have the best player on the floor, maybe even the two best, and a host of other matchup problems that Boston can only hope to solve between now and next May.

What can the Celtics do to steal a game? or at least a half ?

The answer lies in Avery Bradley's contested dunk attempt and Marcus Smarts flop and play dead strategy on Tristan Thompson. It relies on Jaylen Brown playing big minutes and getting real contributions from the oft- maligned Jae Crowder.

The answer is pride and heart, we know the Cavs will not play hard for 48 minutes. They will not risk injury to save a loose ball when their up 10.

Boston’s strategy needs to rely on playing dirty. I mean close to ZAZA levels of impunity. A great way to run the Cavs off the 3 point line would be to close out a little to close to their feet. Play Hack a Thompson, or Hack a Lebron even just keep the game within 12 points in the most annoying and anti-purist way possible.

If Cavalier players are going to try to up-fake and draw fouls, land on them don't just give body, fully commit to the foul. If there's one edge the Celtics may have in the series the its bodies.

The Cavs will lose interest in playing this way and make mental errors that could allow Boston to have a chance in 1 maybe two games.

My message to the Celtics is go down with pride.

East Coast green collar pride.

A Cavs Fans hope for some intensity before the 7 game all star break